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Reasons You Need a Tax ID

  • > Hire employees
  • > Start or purchase a business
  • > Operate a business
  • > Open a business bank account
  • > Create a Trust, Estate or Non-Profit
  • > Open a Corporation or Partnership
  • > Form a Limited Liability Company
  • > Need to file a Tax Return
  • > Death of an individual
  • > Comply with the IRS

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Online Assistant Benefits

  • Apply by Phone with a Specialist

    At EIN Simplified we have a team of specialists available Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm to answers your questions and resolve any tax id application related issues.

  • Immediate Assistance

    Our call center is equipped with the latest telecommunication technologies allowing for the fastest response to your call in less than 5 minutes! Our agents will answer your call right away!

  • Agent Representation

    EIN Simplified guarantees your peace of mind. If your EIN application requires a direct contact with the IRS, we will represent you to ensure the complete success of your application.

  • 24/7 All Year Availability Application

    Our application is available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world with maximum security.

  • Covers all your EIN Needs

    Our team of specialists reviews the many different EIN needs for all possible cases.

    We provide:

    • - New EIN Number
    • - Retrieve a Lost EIN Number
    • - Update EIN Number
    • - IRS EIN Validation Letter
  • EIN Obtention Time Guaranteed

    As a new Business Owner we know that your time matters! We are offering the fastest application delivery in the US and we can guarantee your EIN in less than 60 minutes! We offer different packages available tailored to your expedited needs:

    • - Normal Delivery: Your EIN will be delivered in 3 business days
    • - Express Delivery: Your order will be processed within 1 business day
    • - Instant Delivery: You will obtain your EIN in the next 60 minutes
  • Apply from any Device in great conditions: Mobile, tablets, desktops

    Are you using your phone? Your tablet? or even your old company desktop?

    No problem! Our website is compatible with major devices running from the newest to the oldest internet browser. Our application works perfectly with cross platform and cross browsers starting with IE8.

  • Multi-lingual website and customer service

    Hablas español? Nosotros Tambien!

    We have a trained team of bilingual experts ready to cater to your needs.

  • SS4 Form Application Provided

    To get an EIN number, the SS4 Form is the official document required by the IRS to obtain your EIN number. It can be obtained for free here: We customize this application process to accurately create the needed document from the data you enter in your application. The completed SS4 document is then provided you once completed for your own records.

  • Single Page Dynamic Form

    Your time is valuable and we are here to save you as much time as possible by providing a simplified form, on only one page with dynamic content related to your answers. This way we can guarantee a fast filling without the usual hassle.

  • SS4 Form and EIN Online Back-up

    Your EIN will remain available securely on our servers in case you lose it or if you need it on-the-go. Just enter your email address and your Customer ID and access your documents instantly from anywhere. You will never lose an EIN Number again or have to pay fees to retrieve it.